Bankvale Run

Seasonal Menu Winter 2019

Our seasonal menu is inspired by fresh, organic produce from our working farm as well as local and interstate producers. Reservations can be made online, or by contacting us on 03 9216 4022.

Freshly shucked oyster 

Natural with lemon (gf, df) $4
Kilpatrick (gf, df) $5


Wood fired Bread

With vine smoked butter $8
With Mount Zero marinated olives, flamed red
pepper and feta dip $14



Thyme roasted pumpkin, cave matured gorgonzola, garden pea, chive & chervil aioli (gf) $16



S&P crust, Guindilla peppers aioli, soft garden herb, hydroponic baby tomatoes (gf) $16


Prosciutto San Daniele, beurré bosc pear, That’s Amore stracciatella, Marnong honey, aged balsamic $19


½ kilo Mussels Portarlington 

Marnong Estate Chardonnay, Greenhouse chilli, tomato sugo, confit garlic, Iranian saffron, coriander, handmade focaccia (gf*, df) $19


Wood fired Garlic pizza

Confit garlic, mozzarella, oregano, pecorino (gf*) $19



Prosciutto San Daniele, Salumi Australia hot cacciatore, Wagyu bresaola, That’s Amore fior di latte served with farmhouse marinated vegetables, wood fired bread, red capsicum feta dip and Mount Zero olives (gf*, df*) $38


San Marzano tomato, Italian mozzarella,
That’s Amore fior di latte, basil $21
Add prosciutto $27



Pesto, Italian mozzarella, mushroom, capsicums, potato, artichokes $25 



San Marzano tomato, Italian mozzarella, ham, mushroom, artichoke, olive, oregano $26



San Marzano tomato, Italian mozzarella, Salumi Australia salami, capsicum, olive, ricotta $26

The Aussie   

Parmesan cream, Italian mozzarella, pumpkin, zucchini, goat cheese, almond $26


The Vegan   

Pumpkin purèe, cauliflower, potato, capsicum, avocado, pumpkin seeds $26


The Farmer   

Mushroom cream, Italian mozzarella, braised Victorian lamb, potatoes, feta, sage $29


The Sailor  

Garlic purèe, Italian mozzarella, prawns, anchovies, Tasmanian trout, clams, capers, parsley $32


Gluten free bases on request $3

Roasted beetroot & caramelised red onion tart

Cashew nut purèe, wild sorrel, green apple,
prune dressing $28


Potato Gnocchi

Glazed king brown mushroom, field mushroom cream,
roasted sweet pumpkin, sage, board beans, That’s Amore
stracciatella $28


Smoked Chorizo & Portobello Tagliatelle

Braised tomato ragu, hint of chilli, Marnong shiraz, basil, shaved pecorino (df*) $32


Linguini marinara

Prawns, mussels, salmon, scallop, vino bianco, chilli, pangrattato (gf*, df) $34

Free range half or whole chicken

Slow cooked tomato, red chilli and almond sauce (gf, df) $32/62


Black angus beef cheek

Creamy mashed potato, sautéed carrots, red wine jus (gf) $35


Marnong’s Porchetta

Garden herb stuffing, balsamic stewed red onions, thyme, mushroom, polenta, jus (gf) $35


Barramundi cone bay

Chickpeas, Roma tomato, coriander, roasted hazelnuts, pomegranate (gf, df) $38


Braised banjo lamb shoulder 

Salsa verde, jus (gf, df) $76

Dry aged porterhouse 250gm MB3+

Pasture fed and finished on grain, Gippsland Vic $39


Scotch fillet 300gm MB3+

Pasture fed and finished on grain, Gippsland Vic $45


Eye fillet 250gm MB2+

Pasture fed and finished on grain, Gippsland Vic $58


dry aged rib eye on the bone 700gm MB3+

Pasture fed and finished on grain, Gippsland Vic $78


Kobe wagyu scotch fillet 300gm MB8+

Grain fed, Farmyard Qld $120


All steaks cooked on a flamed volcanic stone grill, served with buttered potato and roasted flat mushroom (gf).    

Choice of sauce: red wine jus, creamy mushroom, green peppercorn or garlic butter.


Add Surf to any steak  

Garlic roasted prawns & fried calamari $12

Dutch Chips

Flaked pink salt (gf, df) $9


Three leaf 

Green apple, capsicum, cucumber, tomato, green goddess dressing (gf, df) $10


Polenta chips

Bloody Mary aioli (gf) $11

Roasted parsnips & carrots

Burnt honey, red chilli dressing (gf, df) $11


Mashed potatoes

Buttery, chives and charred salt (gf) $12


Farmyard Greens 

Seasonal green vegetables, smoked almonds, marinated Persian feta (gf) $12

Crème carAmel 

Candied macadamia, rum infused winter strawberries (gf) $14



Vanilla custard, Belgium chocolate ganache $15


Sticky Date

Butterscotch, vino blanco poached pear, gelato (gf) $15


Baked white chocolate cheesecake

Marnong honey, fig, chocolate $16



Liquor, Marnong coffee, ice cream, amaretti biscuit (gf) $17


Flame roasted brie

Mulled wine chutney and bark bread (gf) $23



House selection available 2 scoops $9

Winter Menu Available 

MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY 11:00am – 4:00pm
THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 11:00am – 9:00pm
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 11:30am – 9:00pm

 (gf) gluten free  |  (df) dairy free  |  * dish can be altered to suit dietary requirement

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