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Terms & Conditions


Marnong Estate offers parking on site free of charge subject to availability. Guests staying at The Cabins have 2 car spots per cabin. Car spaces will be reserved for event day.

Check-In time

The Cabins check-in time is 2:00pm (1400 hours). If rooms are required prior to this time, the Hotel may at its discretion require each room to pre-register. Without pre-registration, the Hotel cannot guarantee availability.

Check-Out Time

The Cabins check-out time is 10:00am (1000 hours), unless otherwise agreed upon. To guarantee a late check-out (subject to availability)


All rates, terms and conditions are strictly confidential and are not to be disclosed to other parties.

Insurance & Loss of Property

The Hotel will take all reasonable care, but accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to merchandise or other property in the Hotel prior, during or after the function unless due to wilful negligence of the Hotel. Organisers must arrange their own personal liability insurance & security if required.

Marnong Estate will not accept any responsibility for damages or loss of property left on the premises prior to, during or after the conference, event or wedding. This responsibility lies solely with the client and all associated 3rd parties supplying property/goods and services to your event. This includes receiving of and storing of all deliveries prior to, during and after the conference, event or wedding.


All deliveries to Marnong Estate are to adhere to the Estates delivery instructions form. Please ask your Event Manager for a copy. Marnong Estate will not take responsibility for the misplacement or deliveries not recorded by the Event Manager using the Delivery Instructions Form and process.

Marnong Estate will not accept responsibility for deliveries and the storage of merchandise delivered to the Estate either prior to, during or after your conference, event or wedding.

Delivery Terms & Conditions:

  • Items must be delivered one working day prior to the event and collected at the very latest on the first business day following the event.
  • Items will be stored in the conference & events client store-room, however the Estate will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of goods stored at the Estate. Insurance for your goods is at your discretion. Please note this includes the storage and delivery of goods from all 3rd parties supplying goods or services to your conference, event or wedding.
  • At the conclusion of your conference, event or wedding, it is your responsibility to take your items with you. If items are left behind, Marnong Estate does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of goods remaining after your event. If goods are not picked up within 48 hours, Marnong Estate will dispose of your goods.
  • You must seal and clearly label all items that are remaining for postage. Postage/Courier of items are your responsibility and will need to be arranged through yourself for the very next business day after your conference or event.
  • The Estate will not accept any responsibility for goods not labelled or not mailed/couriered correctly.
  • The Estate will not accept any responsibility for goods delivered to the Resort that have not completed and followed Marnong Estate’s Delivery Instructions Form.
  • All deliveries made on pallets must be delivered on branded pallets. It the clients responsibility to move pallets to and from the conference, event and wedding venue. In the event whereby Marnong Estate is required to move your pallet a cost of $100.00 per pallet will be charged to your master account.
  • Deliveries and storage of deliveries of pallets are charged at $250.00 per day and will be charged to your master account.


Financial responsibility for any damage to the premises, fittings and equipment or surrounds caused by guests in the course of a conference, event or wedding, lies with the client and will be charged to the client’s master account.

A cleaning fee will apply where special heavy duty cleaning is required, due to the negligent behaviour of any guest at a conference, event or wedding charged to the master account.

Force Majeure

Neither party may be held for any act, omission or circumstance due to an event beyond their control provided it advises the other party in detail & in writing, as soon as possible after the occurrence of said event and that it takes reasonable steps to remedy the situation quickly and remove the cause of those acts, omissions or circumstances.

These acts, omissions or circumstances shall include but not be limited to:

  • War, declared or undeclared, revolution or action taken by public enemy’s; riots or civil disturbances; strikes, lock outs or work stoppages, affecting all or part of the Hotel staff; acts of God: fire, floods, storms; constraints imposed by any Government or public authority; or any other cause that is reasonably beyond the control of the other party.
  • The duty to remedy any one of the causes quickly in no way includes the duty to end strikes or industrial conflict by accepting the demands of the other party or parties.

Pricing, Service and Tax Charges

All prices and rates quoted in this contract are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and inclusive of 10% GST. Please note that any new taxes or charges to existing taxes will be in addition to that stated herein and will be the responsibility of the client and will be charged accordingly.

All rates and conditions quoted in this contract are based on room and meeting requirements presented herein. Should any modifications be made to these requirements, the Hotel reserves the right to renegotiate rates and conditions accordingly.


Marnong Estate provides complimentary welcome signage for your event. Should you wish to display additional signage or banners, approval must be sought in advance from Marnong Management.

Posters can be displayed upon the doors and windows of the conference centre, but no blu-tak or other adhesives are to be used upon the wall surfaces.


Food and Beverages are not the be brought onto the Estate

Any bottles of Wine given as Gifts to the delegates/Guests or won as prizes cannot be used during any meal periods

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

Marnong Estate follows guidelines for the Responsible Service of Alcohol

Marnong Estate Reserves the right to request proof of age identification

Staff members are instructed not to serve any alcoholic beverages to guests under the age of 18 years or to guests in a state of intoxication

Consumption of liquor on the grounds after the scheduled finishing time is strictly prohibited. Consumption in booked accommodation is allowed.

Amplified Music

No amplified music is allowed at Marnong Estate without prior authorisation from Management. Marnong Estate Management reserves the right to restrict noise in Conference & Event Venues at their discretion

Public Holidays

Accommodation bookings on Public Holidays will incur a 15% surcharge.