Behind the scenes

Producing Marnong Estate Wines

Our uncompromising approach to viticulture is complemented by a balanced winemaking process finessing the fruit through to bottle.

Viticulture and Winemaking

Our vineyard is located within the boundaries of the Sunbury wine region – one of Australia’s smallest but also home to classics such as Craiglee. Our region is most famous for classic cool climate shiraz but it also grows superb pinot grigio, chardonnay and pinot noir. In addition to the better-known varieties we are also very excited about our new plantings of fiano and montepulciano!!

We began work on our vineyard back in 2016 after a very careful assessment of the site and thorough preparation. We take an uncompromising approach to our viticulture because this is where the wines are really ‘grown’, more than they are ‘made’.

Our approach in the cellar is all about finessing the fruit through to the bottle with all winemaking inputs being in balance with the fruit. We have planted our vineyard to pinot noir and chardonnay for our sparkling wines, pinot grigio, chardonnay and fiano for our whites, then pinot noir, shiraz and montepulciano for our red range.

“We are all about vineyard expression with wines that are bright, juicy and silky in texture.”

Mark O’Callaghan – Winemaker

Marnong Estate Vineyard


Mickleham, Victoria
Latitude -37.532824
Longitude 144.884142


Our vineyard is located within the boundaries of the Sunbury wine region.


The average elevation of our vineyard is 287 meters or 942 feet


Montepulciano, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Shiraz, Pinot Nero, Fiano