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Hobart & Cool Climate Wine Show Results

Hobart & Cool Climate Wine Show ...


04 October 2022

Excellent wine results for Marnong Estate

We are proud of the results our wines are achieving in this year’s wine shows. The 2021 Shiraz received a gold medal at the Royal Hobart wine show. The Montepulciano went one better, receiving top gold at the Australian Cool Climate Wine Show. These results mean our wines are getting lots of attention. The 2021 vintage was smaller than average, these wines will sell out fast. Scroll to the bottom for the full list of results.

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Vineyard Update

The temperature is rising as we move into spring, and this is the trigger for the vines to come out of their dormancy and go through what vineyard managers call ‘Bud Burst’. This is the first emergence of the green foliage for the year, it is a nervous time in the vineyard as a frost at this point would be a big problem. Luckily, the gently sloping nature of our vineyard means we don’t traditionally suffer from frost. The next key moment in the vineyard will be flowering in November.

budburst oct 2022 sunrise

WINE results:

Snap Printing Royal Hobart Wine Show:

2021 Shiraz - Gold
2021 Chardonnay - Silver
2021 Pinot Nero - Bronze
2021 Montepulciano - Bronze
2021 Fiano - Bronze

Australian Cool Climate Wine Show:

2021 Montepulciano - Top Gold
2021 Pinot Grigio - Silver 2021
Pinot Nero - Bronze
2021 Shiraz - Bronze